Very Special Thanks.

Where do we start? This is like opening up the golden pages and trying not to forget to call every member of your family (knowing you have 18 brothers & 12 sisters, 10 aunts & uncles and hundreds of cousins).

Seriously guys, you helped the festival in such an amazing way that you have blown our mind. Last minute calls, big favours of all sorts. Fair Play. Really fair play for making Galway rock. The festival would like extend its thanks to:

Our audiences for making the festival such a hit. All our volunteers for doing such a brilliant job, first of all Karen Dolan (Sponsorship, PR, Event Management, Running around & Makingthingshappen department), Neil O’Driscoll (Graphic Design. I mean did you see our logos and posters? Unreal amount of work at short notice) Ruth le Gear (Sponsorship, Event management, morale management, sparkly eyes in b&w, Bicycle courier services),  The Irish Times and particularily Ian Kilroy for putting us on the map  with his kind words,   Donal Dineen for his amazing support&films&tunes (, Antoine El cocktailmeister Zimmermann (Webdesign, shots en tous genres, designer cocktails, sorry for the mess in the apt), Aoife Guiry (super8cherie), Jean Dorgere, Biggley (Ooh Lala posters),  Paul from the Bell Book and Candle (Man you are a living legend), Ferg&Ciaran for their hard work, Rory D for his ongoing support and facilitating that amazing jam with the Egg 2 days before the festival, Laura Rigney the Super8 Sweeeeeetie, Sasha von Thulen from Tune mc Tune, Mike el baba Smalle, Vivienne Dick for her support and amazing work, the judges (Vivienne Dick again, Tom Collins, Grainne Mc Hale, EmerJean mcCormack), James C Harrold from the Galway City Council, Kevin Healy from the Roisin Dubh, Orla Mc Govern for making the Whose Film Is It Anyway rock off, Snatch Comedy&Morgan Cooke, David Web and all the Kodak.UK team for believing in us, Gavin for our amazing little kiosk, Feargal Timon for being the festival’s best friend, ScaryMary, Victoria Mc Cormack for short notice calls & moral support: PerformanceiS to the max, Jasha Rosen for the deadly costumes and promotion, Mike from the museum (legend), David Souto, Aoibheann Mc Namara, Katheryn Waugh (note to self: check spelling again _ you keep the camera by the way), John Murphytron from Murphytronics inc, John Lambert from Chequerboard for providing such sweet 8mmelodies (seriously listen to that 8mm piece it’s amazing) and the logo design, Alan Crowley for those class workshops and sweet super8 films, Peter Crowley for the syringes, Patrick Kelleher, Liam, Tony Walsh, Ruadhri Brennan, Bernard, Takashi, Evelyn, Susan, Ben, Ruby Wallis, Daniel  Guinane, Declan Kelly for continously saving the day, Niwel Tsumbu, Patrick Shryane Del Shot’o, Dave and Steve from the infamous Tigh Neachtain pub for opening a super8 window onto the world (Could you be? the most beautiful pub in the world?), Phil Evans for putting up with the lights, Aindrias de Staic (Too cool for Shrule), Jojo Hynes, Mattage El Portero for the window painting, Yann, Keith for hooking us up, Me Daddy and Mummy (Jean Claude & Luce), the Vivienne Dick screening audience for their support, Cian Ó Cíobháin, Martin Crosby, Tom Sheridan for his patience and support,  Eamonn Guinnane for the lovely apartment, Mac Daragh for his last minute calls, Geraldine Mc Cormack, Johnnie, Shane Padraig and all the staff from Kelly’s, Ann Mary Kelly & Midlands Radio, Vinny Browne from Charlie Byrnes/Galway Bay FM, Tom Kenny for keeping the Super8 flame alive, Chris and Hilary from the Galway Independent, Louis from I Supply for his support, I Supply Quay St (last Paula from Flirt FM, Mike Guiry (merci pour l’aspirateur), Gerry and the NUIG security office staff for their patience, Riona&Naomi from the NUIG Socs Box, Fiannuala Gallagher for facilitating the 8mm gallery space, Cheryl Brixmo’ for the amazing set in Kelly’s with Sasha von Tunes & Gangealeena Rollie, Too cool for Gruel, Patrick O Reilly for the press pic with Donal, the Budding Cafe, Gypsie Biddie O’Laughlin in the caravan, Kernan Andrews for his ongoing support & Sinead from the Galway Advertiser, the Galway Independent (Chris, Hilary, Deirdre),  Padraig Disconaut, the Connaught Tribune, the rougeens, Katie Guinane, the Galway Arts Centre, the pizza place next to  Tigh Neachtain for their amazing pizzas and smiles (please let us promote you), the Galway City Museum, Galway VTOS and Ger, the Galway Arts Centre, Kevin for sound engineering,  Darren, Jonnie and the boys from Bodytonic, Malachy Duggan from the Blue Note (Ice Ice Baby), Peter from the Galway Film Centre,  Maud Hand,, Filmbase, John Gunn Camera shop, Joe Leger, the Crawford Arts Gallery and its staff, the Galway Arts Festival (Kathy, Laura, Paul I have more annoying 1960’s mini-instruments for you this summer…I know that you love that stylophone), the Film Fleadh (can’t wait for more Rowing Club Action and class screenings – We’ll definitely coordinate our launches next year  to bypass Murphy’s law ;) ), Avril, Jenny, Peter, Snoopy & Brian from Body & Soul, Roisin Coyle, Moonriver, Stephen Murray, Kev, Mac,  Jenko, Russel & Emer from the Kilcullen House B&B, the Dublin Camera Exchange, Fahy Foto, and many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many more to be announced in due course, I promise.

Please don’t be offended if your name is not there yet. I’m working on it.  Terms & Conditions apply. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Merci encore a tous

See you next year


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