Donal Dineen

Donal Dineen Super8 Shots DJ Electric Picnic Body & SoulDonal Dineen is an Irish radio presenter, photographer, avid Super8 film maker and former television presenter. He currently presents an assortment of electronica and world music on his Small Hours (formerly Here Comes the Night) late-night radio show on Today FM. He is also the reason we stayed up late on a school night when he presented the No Disco TV series on Network 2.

Since the 90s, Dineen has also displayed an equally discerning and experimental eye when it comes to his own visual work. This visual work, be it through still photography or super 8 film, charts a personal journey to the present day, a continuous journey that is influenced by music, people, landscape and a sense of place.

Below is a video of Donal playing at the Electric picnic with Niwel Tsumbu and Julien Dorgere (Mr Weasel) in 2009. The trio played at the Programme launch Party in 2010 and performed at the Body and Soul Festival last June.

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