Ciaran Byrne

CiarĂ¡n Byrne is a Dublin-based producer and electronic artist. He first emerged on the scene in 2004 when he sent a demo tape to Psychonavigation Records. The label recognised the talent and promptly signed him.
He released his debut album entitled ‘Galtrim’ two years later in 2006 on the same imprint. His second album, ‘Nine Lives Causeway’ followed in 2008. In a productive vein, Byrne released the ‘Tans’ur’ EP a couple of months later with Envizagae Records.
Since then, CiarĂ¡n has produced under the guise of Adeyhawke, remixing for a vast array of respected artists including Anoraak, Hail Social and on home shores; Channel One and Le Galaxie.

Ciaran composed the Super8 Sounds Track for the 2012 edition of the festival.
Click here to download and listen to the piece composed from the sounds of cine cameras.

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