Clare Lymer

Clare LymerClare Lymer’s work is centered on the properties and behaviours of light. Having previously studied Physics, her focus on light is also informed by an interest in the scientific, with particular awareness of how we view sunlight as a past light in our present moment. We interpret light rather than see it; Clare’s work engages with this idea and the paradoxes it creates. She is interested in the essential qualities of light in image making but also it’s destructive qualities. It is only when light reflects or behaves in a peculiar way that we become aware of its presence as more than illumination. Its unpredictable characteristics are then capable of both blinding or enlightening, veiling or unveiling, clarifying or mystifying. Lymer’s images explore photography’s dependence on light as a transparent medium as well as light’s lack of means to manifest itself independently of matter.

Clare will have a Polaroid exhibition, Polaroi8, in the Bell Book and Candle from 24 June until 2 July.

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